Tips To Have A Happy Family

A family represents a valuable place where there are support and understanding for each member equally, it is a community of love and solidarity. However, in many cases the problems or external factors are affecting or deteriorating; for example, the economic difficulties, the lack of a job, and the stress of daily tasks.

Therefore in this article, we are going to talk about some tips that will help you to keep your family together and happy, they are essential rules that each member must follow so that this can have a satisfactory result.


This rule is one of the most important, we must learn to listen because when we do it means that we are paying attention to what the other is telling us with the intention of understanding and supporting.

It is very common in families that sometimes we do not know how to listen because while they talk to us we are thinking about something else, we are distracted by watching television or in some other activity, we feel physically and intellectually tired, for which we do not pay attention.

This causes very large conflicts in family relationships since not being attentive to 100% makes that there is a gap in dialogues, for example, while you are telling something from school to your mother, she responds with:

When do we buy the gas? which immediately makes you explode in anger, you feel misunderstood, not listened to, ignored.


Learning to respect each member of the family implies valuing the other regardless of their character, their defects, their different way of thinking and despite the fact that their tastes and ways of seeing life do not coincide with yours.

Respect is an indispensable value to generate trust in others, create a climate of cordiality and understanding.


It is important to share activities that promote family integration, we do not only refer to watching television together because this activity does not interact. Interact and not only share the physical space but communicate, share emotions, have fun together, perform some recreational or sports activity.

Encourage daily after dinner a conversation where everyone cares about others. And choose some activity that you can perform at least once a week.


Being empathetic means putting yourself in the place of the other, to understand what they feel and accept it as it is.In the family this rule is essential, although they are a family, each one is different in way of being and thinking, this will improve coexistence.

Do not judge, devalue or disqualify. Offer your unconditional support. Try to understand your parents, children or siblings


Love is the basis of the family, supports family relationships and is the engine that will keep them together. However, sometimes we forget that love must be demonstrated, it is not enough to think “that the other knows” must be expressed in words and actions.

Above all, you have to feed it constantly so that it stays strong.