How to Stop Receiving Facebook Game Invite from your iPhone

Facebook first launched in 2004 and in the last 12 years Facebook has changed a lot. A frequent feature up gradation gave billions of users and the numbers are increasing a day. You can send a friend request to anyone in the world and start a conversation with the person no matter if you know him/her or not. This is the real beauty of Facebook. It’s just not let you interact with people, but it also lets you have fun on Facebook.

They have added a lot of stuffs in the Facebook and most of them are useful. One of the best feature is its ability to play games with your online friends and that gives you a feel home experience. With Facebook game you can send request to your friends and if he or she accepts your gaming request then you both can play it online.

It is a good feature, but sometimes it turns into a pain in the neck. This is very often that you receive gaming requests from friends. Getting one or two requests is OK, but more than that may lead you to frustration.

If you are suffering from this problem and feeling like unfriending all the gamer friends, then I have a solution for you. You can actually turn off Facebook game request from your iPhone.


A detailed guide has been written to explain you how you could stop getting those game requests.

Tutorial for How to stop Facebook Game Request from iPhone

  • Launch your Facebook app on your iPhone, tap on “more” from the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down and select Setting. A new menu will swipe up.
  • Tap on “Account Setting” from the menu.

Account Setting

  • Scroll down and select (by tapping) “Apps”.
  • Tap on Platform.


  • Then, tap on “NO” under “Game Invitation and App Notifications”.

Viola 😀

Now you have turned off the option for Facebook Game request. This may take some time to save the settings and once it is saved you will not get any Facebook Game request anymore.

If you ever feel like you should start receiving the Game requests, then repeat the same procedure.

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