Save Water When Doing The Dishes

sinkA dishwasher uses on average less water than a hand washing. But it remains simple to wash dishes without machine using very little water. For this, you simply need a sink (the best is stainless steel, because plastic pollutes the environment in its production and breaks more quickly).

To start, collect your dirty dishes in the sink (where it will be the water of the previous washing, as we will see a little later). This allows the dishes to soak and pre-wash dishes.

Without opening the kitchen faucet, wash your dishes as you pass the items washed (still sparkling) in the other sink basin.

When all the dishes are washed and therefore united on one side of the sink , empty the dirty water from the basin. Place a still soapy sponge on the basin and rinse it very quickly to clean it.

Then take the biggest objects (pans, salad bowls, dishes, etc.) under a trickle of water over the clean sink (which recovers the water). Then take advantage of the water picked up by the basin to rinse the smallest objects (without running water): cutlery, glasses, small bowls, plates, etc. Lean the sink if necessary to gather the water in a corner of the basin and dip your dishes there.

If a glass is not completely covered by water, turn it in water so that the water rinses all the walls.

Of course if the water becomes too foamy, change it. However, when washing your dishes, do not forget to put only a few drops of product on the sponge: although the product does not foam little, it does not wash very well!

At the end, do not empty the water from the basin! It will be used to soak and pre-wash the dishes of the next meal.

This small handy dish tip reduces your water consumption (which is good for the environment and for your wallet!).

Other tips:

– For less soiling your sponge and therefore make it last longer, remove the most of the dirt from your dishes with your fingers in a little water.

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