Learn How to Turn Off Sound for Notification and Message on Facebook


We are talking a lot about Facebook on this blog, isn’t? Do you know why? Because Facebook is huge and can’t be described in some words. Some people love Facebook and some hate Facebook. In between those Haters and lovers, there is some who neither love nor hate Facebook. Does it sound strange? OK, continue reading….

When I say some people who neither love nor hate, then I point to those people who enjoy some features on Facebook and at the same time they don’t like some. There could be thousands of reason for the hate, or I would rather say dissatisfaction. One of them is the annoying sound of facebook notification and message. Ok, I get it, sounds is not that annoying but for some it is. If you are one of them who doesn’t like the Facebook message or notification sound then here I am.


The simple solution to this problem is just turn off the notification sound from Facebook setting. Yeah, Facebook has that feature too, and I love that.

Wait, what, you don’t know how to turn off message and notification sound? Here I am again 🙂

This article or you may call a small guide is all about how to stop facebook message and notification sound on Facebook.

How to Turn Off Sound for Facebook Message and Notification

Here you go….

  • First of all, you need to sign in to your Facebook account. (Maybe you are already signed in to your Facebook)
  • Now click on the down arrow button from the right side top bar and click on setting. (Yes, that down arrow you use to log out)
  • Here in the setting menu, you can see a bunch of settings for your Facebook account. Select notification from the left side bar.
  • Here you can see 4-5 options.Click on edit button beside “On Facebook” option.
  • Once you clicked on Edit button, you will get to another page. Here you can find sound settings above the all other settings.
  • Now, here click on ON button beside  Play a sound when each new notification is received and Play a sound when each new notification is received respectively and turn it OFF.


That was it! It will turn off both message and Notification sounds until you turn on again.

Here is a video tutorial for the same which you can watch to get a visual tutorial for the way to turn off notification and message sound on Facebook.

I don’t think there is any doubt left with you in regarding this particular guide. In case you have then I am glad to solve it.

Keep reading and Keep Smiling 🙂

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