10 reasons to delete your Facebook account

1. Their Terms Of Service are horrid. ¬†For one, they state that not only do they own your data, but that if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate, they maintain the disgression to terminate your account.

2. Facebook straight up declares a war on privacy. Now that they’ve introduced the Open Graph API, Facebook not only wants to know everything about you, and own your data, but they want to make it available to everybody. All stalkers are now on holiday.

3. Facebook is pulling a bait-and-switch. While they’re telling developers how to access your data with new APIs, they’re very quiet about explaining the implications of this to members. Facebook promotes having you hand out information you might not normally share, and then they make it fully public. As they’re in the business of monetizing your information for advertising, they essentially do their best to trick users to provide advertisers with as much information about them as possible.

4. Suckbook is a big bully. Pete Warden, an independent software developer, demonstrated how this bait-and-switch works and Facebook proceeded to sue him.

5. Even your private data is shared. All of your data is shared with applications that you install, meaning that you’re not only entrusting Facebook to keep your data secure, but also entrusting the application developers with your name, email, demographics, etc.

6. Facebook does not have adequate technical skills to be trusted. Their ‘Like’ button makes it easy for spammers to gain access to your feed and spam your social network. Also, accidently making user’s profiles completely public doesn’t help their cause either. Privacy protection is the opposite of their primary objectives.

7. Facebook makes it¬†preposterously difficult to delete your account. In your account settings you are given the option to ‘deactivate’ your account, which as it turns out is not the same thing as deleting it. When deactivated, you can still be tagged in photos and be spammed by Facebook. Even when you delete your account, they make no promises of deleting your data.

8. Facebook doesn’t really support the Open Web. They claim that their Open Graph API is “open” but in fact it is 100% proprietary to Facebook. You cannot use this feature unless you’re logged into Facebook.

9. Its founder is unethical. Suckerberg has allegedly used Facebook user data to guess email passwords and read personal emails in order to discredit his rivals.

10. The actual ‘Product’ that Facebook provides blows chunks. Stupid farms and mafia wars. Annoying advertisements left and right, especially since Facebook when public. Compelling you to read your friend’s boring-ass posts. Uggg…

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7 Responses to 10 reasons to delete your Facebook account

  1. Kunie says:

    Why don’t you create Facebook hater SNS.

  2. mta says:

    “especially since Facebook when public.” went public?

  3. Byron says:

    Why focus on hate? It’s so counter productive. It is not a healthy way to live. Try focusing on Buddhism, or learn to meditate. It will help you reduce your hate and hopefully teach you how to avoid it in the future. If you have problems with FB then simply don’t use it. Use something else. There are plenty of other social networks online once can use.

  4. top left logo/link with the anti facebook red slash. take a closer look at it please. I cannot stand fuckerburg and puppy chow(pricilla) and IMHO they are two phonie PoS that just talk talk talk and have their bitch boys and hoebags do all the work for them. murk and squinty couldn’t code or script a site correctly if their miserable existences(miserable for me) depended upon it. fuck that place and fuck the zuckerburgs too…

  5. alex flores says:

    “Facebook gives people around the world the power to publish their own stories, see the world through the eyes of many other people, and connect and share wherever they go.”

    COMPLETE BULLSHIT !!!….Facebook does not allow us to send friend requests to people we want to be friends with around the world….do you have 5,000 real life friends ?…I sure as fuck don’t and fuckbook sent me a warning that I will be blocked for trying to make friends here….PLEASE SOMEBODY CREATE A NEW SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK THAT WE CAN ENJOY !!!

  6. monica says:

    If people don’t like comments they close you. wtf. Mostly Pussies on that site.
    Texting bullshit about their little lives.

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