How to Set a Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook

Facebook is constantly adding new and new features to attract more users. They are also trying to hold all the existing users by adding some customization. Recently Facebook has added on more feature which allows users like you and me to add a profile picture for some selected periods of time. This is called the temporary profile picture. This comes handy when you are trying to change your profile picture for a limited period then you would go back to your original picture.

The temporary picture also can be added to support some ongoing event like the happened with LGBT movement in the USA. I have tested this feature, and I must say this is a great addition to the Facebook as it helps you to be cooler on Facebook.


How to set a temporary profile picture on Facebook

The temporary feature is currently available for smartphone apps only. For this demo, I am using an Android device. You can use your iOS or other smart devices too. Steps are almost same for every device.

  • First of all, open your Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then, go to your profile area and tap on your profile picture.
  • A new pop-up will appear with some options. Select “Upload Video or Photo”.
  • Now select a photo/picture that you want to set as a temporary picture.
  • Now you will notice a small message at the bottom of your picture says as “Make Temporary.”
  • Tap on that, this will show a new pop-up. Here you can select a pre-set period like 1 hour or 1day.
  • If you want to add a period that is not mentioned there, you can select “Custom” option and choose one according to your preferences.
  • Now tap on done and upload your picture.

This will set the profile picture for a time limit you set.

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