How to Legally Watch TV Shows Online

TV shows are something that most of the people love to watch. Everyone is busy in their life, and it is common to miss your favorite Tv shows. If you one of them who don’t want to miss TV shows but still miss then due to time shortage. In this case, you can watch TV shows online at any time. There are some websites which list free sites for online TV and movie streaming like this site-

But the problem with these free streaming sites is most of the shows are not legal. I mean they sometimes upload TV series without the permission of original maker. If you are one of the people who don’t like to watch illegal stuff, then I think I can help you.

There are some sources available where one can watch latest TV episodes online legally. Most of these services are not free, and you may need to pay a little regarding subscription fee. But, guess what these are the completely genuine way.


Without further instructions, let us discuss those methods.

1. YouTube

The very first thing you can do is check YouTube. Most of the creator use YouTube as a way to promote their shows. Here they upload almost all the latest episodes to provide the users a chance to watch their missed shows. As the creator or producer itself upload those episodes means these are legal and genuine. Another best part is this is an entirely free way to watch TV shows online.

2. Netflix

Most of the internet users know about this online content website. This is a one-stop destination for almost all kind of entertainment stuff. Here you can watch all the latest Tv shows from all the major TV channels as well as some Netflix original shows. Previously Netflix was accessible from the USA only, but now they are available worldwide.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another premium service just like the Netflix. It also has some unique features, but the most disturbing news is this service is only available in some selected countries like USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Japan. If you live in these countries, then this is the perfect place to watch all the latest Tv shows, Movies, Live Shows and much more.

4. Hulu Plus

This is available in the USA only, but it does feature almost all the popular TV shows. Hulu Plus also has some of its own Tv shows which are amazing. This is not a free source; you have to pay to watch here.

Watching TV shows online legally would never so easy without these services. I am using these service from past few months, and I must say these services are impressive.