How to Play/Stream The Pirate Bay Movies and Videos without Downloads


The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites in the world. It is also one of the very first torrent sites which were launched in 2003. Most of the people know this site as the pirate king. Because you can download almost all the movies, games, music, videos, TV Shows and lot other stuff for free without paying a single penny. This is also caused this site to face blocking issue many parts of the world. They have changed their domain name several times but couldn’t solve the problem. Still it is blocked in several countries.

Do you think this has stopped people from using this website? People are using various Vpn or proxy server to unblock this website. The Pirate Bay is getting millions of visits a day from almost all the countries in the world.

So, you are reading this article that means you are very familiar with this torrent network. If you used this or using this network then you may know that with torrent sites you have to download the files to your computer to view the content right. This is not a bad thing but imagines if you are looking for a movie but don’t know if this the movie you want to download or not. In this situation, you wish if you could watch the movie before downloading. Guess what? Now you can do this 🙂

Now you can stream/watch movies or videos without downloading on The Pirate Bay. We are here going to cover this topic with a step by step guide.

How to Watch Movies and Video on The Pirate Bay without Downloading.

I am covering a step by step guide for what to follow to enable this great feature.

  • First of all head to the pirate bay website that is
  • Select a movie or video that you want to play.
  • Here comes the main part. You can spot a tiny Stream It button right beside the get torrent button. Click on this button.

Torrent play and stream movies on the pirate bay

  • Now, a new pop-up window will open where you have to click on Play button.
  • Here, it may ask you for some permissions. Simply grant all the permissions.
  • This will start downloading a plugin, just wait until it completes the download process.
  • Once everything is ready, The Pirate Bay will take care of the rest.

Now you can enjoy watching torrent movies and videos on the Pirate Bay without downloading.

I don’t think you have any question left with you.Just follow these easy steps and you are ready to rock.

Keep reading and Keep smiling 🙂

How to Legally Watch TV Shows Online

TV shows are something that most of the people love to watch. Everyone is busy in their life, and it is common to miss your favorite Tv shows. If you one of them who don’t want to miss TV shows but still miss then due to time shortage. In this case, you can watch TV shows online at any time. There are some websites which list free sites for online TV and movie streaming like this site-

But the problem with these free streaming sites is most of the shows are not legal. I mean they sometimes upload TV series without the permission of original maker. If you are one of the people who don’t like to watch illegal stuff, then I think I can help you.

There are some sources available where one can watch latest TV episodes online legally. Most of these services are not free, and you may need to pay a little regarding subscription fee. But, guess what these are the completely genuine way.


Without further instructions, let us discuss those methods.

1. YouTube

The very first thing you can do is check YouTube. Most of the creator use YouTube as a way to promote their shows. Here they upload almost all the latest episodes to provide the users a chance to watch their missed shows. As the creator or producer itself upload those episodes means these are legal and genuine. Another best part is this is an entirely free way to watch TV shows online.

2. Netflix

Most of the internet users know about this online content website. This is a one-stop destination for almost all kind of entertainment stuff. Here you can watch all the latest Tv shows from all the major TV channels as well as some Netflix original shows. Previously Netflix was accessible from the USA only, but now they are available worldwide.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another premium service just like the Netflix. It also has some unique features, but the most disturbing news is this service is only available in some selected countries like USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Japan. If you live in these countries, then this is the perfect place to watch all the latest Tv shows, Movies, Live Shows and much more.

4. Hulu Plus

This is available in the USA only, but it does feature almost all the popular TV shows. Hulu Plus also has some of its own Tv shows which are amazing. This is not a free source; you have to pay to watch here.

Watching TV shows online legally would never so easy without these services. I am using these service from past few months, and I must say these services are impressive.

Change Facebook Default Design to Flat UI for Computer Users

Facebook, the social network giant, has a decent design, and I used to love this design. But then with time, I felt bored with the basic design and wanted to change it to something new. But there is no official way to do so. I started my research to find a way and finally found one.

Most of the people out there love flat UI design, or you can call it as material design. This is an attractive design of the current time. I found a way to change my Facebook design with a flat UI. This change is only available for computer users, but again that was not a problem for me. Because I mostly use Facebook on my computer only.

I am so happy with this changes and wants to share with you the same. That’s why I am back again with another great article related to Facebook where I will teach you how to change Facebook default design with a flat UI design for the computer user.


Tutorial: How to Change Facebook Design to Flat UI on Computer

I assume that you have installed Google Chrome browser on your computer (both PC and MAC) as this design change is only possible on Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have one then please download from here and install on your computer.

  • Open Google Chrome browser and Install an extension called Facebook Flat from here.
  • Now reset your browser and BOOM.

Now you can see a completely new design when you visit the from your Google Chrome browser.

This is as simple as it sounds 🙂

Now you have a whole new design on Facebook I am sure you will love this (like I do).

I don’t think there is any doubt left with you. But if you encounter any problem while installing or using this extension then I am here baby. Just leave a comment and I shall help you.

Did You like the design? There are many people lime you who doesn’t like the default design and wants to change it to something interesting. Your one share car one share can help them to find a new design.

Keep reading and keep smiling 😀

How to Setup Parental Control on Children’s Smartphone Both Android and iOS

Technology helped us a lot by giving us the ease of modern era. But sometimes they can also be misused by us. Now most of us have a smartphone, and so we do with our children. Most of the parents are now giving a separate smartphone to their kids for a various reason and at the same time they also worried abut the possible misuse of a smartphone.

Most of the parents want to monitor their children’s phone to make sure that they are not doing anything wrong with the phone. This is a common problem, but unfortunately, it is hard to keep an eye on your children because you are supposed to not go everywhere with your kids.

In this situation setting up a parental control on your children’s phone is a good idea. By setting a parental control on your children’s phone to make sure you to track everything your son or daughter doing with their smartphone.


As a parent, you might have no idea about how to set up a parental control on your kind’s Android or iPhone smartphone to keep an eye on the things that are happening on your kid’s phone. This is why we have decided to put a detailed guide on how you could set up a parental security on your children’s phone.

How to Set up a Parental Control on your Children’s Smartphone on both Android and iPhone

Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the Parental Control on your children’s smartphone.

  • First of all, you need to install an app called FamilyTime on your device (aka parent device).
  • Then you will get a children version of this app which you have to install on your children’s device.
  • Next, you have to pair both devices to get data visibility.
  • Once you paired up both devices, as a parent you will be able to track all your kid’s usages on your smartphone.
  • Some features that you get with this app are location tracking, watch contacts, call details, blacklist/block any app, browsing history, Internet usages and lot more. You can even remotely lock any app or phone from your device.

Additional Info

The app FamilyTime is not a free app. Yes, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of almost $3 to use the both. A $3 is not huge in compare of the feature you are getting with this app.

So, this was today’s guide or article about how you can set a parental control on your children’s smartphone. I am pretty sure that you liked this app and this article.

I am here to help you if you have any queries.