Best Small Dog Breeds For Children

Small dog breeds are ideal for a family with children. They are curious, playful, and loving towards children, strangers, dogs, and all other pets. They need a lot of attention and love. Since small dogs occupy less space, many apartment dwellers prefer smaller dogs.

The size of a small dog can sometimes be harmful when there are small children since the puppy may see the child as a canine playmate and often play includes bites and scratches.

But not all children perceive in this way and there are many other things to consider when determining what is the best small dog breeds? Pomeranian vs Chihuahua for kids.


Children often harm chihuahuas unintentionally and that is why the chihuahuas are very afraid of children. Because of their small size, chihuahua dogs love to feel safe, and with children, the opposite happens to them, they do not make them feel safe, but they produce fear and stress.

Now, if your child is older or is a very quiet and respectful child, he will get along well with a Chihuahua.

But if a little boy is an “earthquake” the boy-chihuahua relationship will not work.


Pomeranian is a compact toy dog, with short backing, active Nordic origin. The hairy tail is one of the characteristics of the breed. He is alert in character, exhibits intelligence in expression and is inquisitive by nature.

The Pomeranian is arrogant and leading. It is healthy in the composition and the action.

The Pomeranian is an intelligent dog and they respond well to the training given to them. They are extroverted and enjoy being the center of attention, but they can become very aggressive and dominant if they are not well trained.

What makes a small dog good for a child?

Temperament: You do not want a small dog that has to be chained and be suspicious of strangers, so you leave out breeds like the Pomeranian, Chihuahua. What is wanted is a race that is gentle, kind, loving and cheerful.

It can help if the dog is also quite calm, although high-energy puppies, like some Terriers, can also make very good playmates.

Attached to you: If you acquire a small breed that tends to adhere to a person, that is to say, you are much less likely to get along with any other person in the house, including children.

Trainable / Intelligence: These are actually two different traits, a dog that trains well is not necessarily intelligent, but training capacity is much more important. Obedience training begins when the puppy is about twelve weeks old or as soon as you take an older dog home.

You must get the children involved so that the dog understands that they are mini-alpha. The little dog must obey your children and you have to make sure that they are also responsible.

Patience: Patience is related to temperament. If a dog is not patient with children there is a risk that there may be bites. Although you must teach children to treat a dog before finding one, there may be times when others who do not have the knowledge are nearby. Patience is very useful in these situations.

If you adopt a small puppy dog and socialize it with your children from the beginning, it matters less than the type of breed that it is. Generally, when a dog grows up with children, it is tolerant of them, but it must be borne in mind that even if it is so with them, it may not be so with other children.

A lot of this depends on how the children behave. The proper calm and behavior are essential because if they do not cause it, they do not stick their fingers in their ears, they do not pull their tails and things like that will be fine.

If you ever find that the dog misbehaves with a child, gently correct it and remove the puppy if they will not follow your instructions. This will do the child well when teaching him how to treat dogs.


Kitchen Faucet Advice

Today there is a wide range of faucets that are distinguished not only by their shapes and styles but also by the functionality they come to offer. The latest faucets provide a very modern touch to any kitchen and even give life and shine all over the place.

Of the great variety of existing faucets, it is possible to emphasize the ex-tractable models, the sprinklers, the articulated ones, the rotating ones and the osmosis ones, which at the same time they are elaborated in varied materials.

The faucet is one of the complements in the kitchen that should never be forgotten when decorating, since choosing the most appropriate piece depending on the existing decoration and the need that the person has, will ensure a comfortable and above all useful.

These faucets are presented in various finishes and the faucets are in a matte finish, in stainless steel, and in a glossy finish. Also noteworthy are faucets that imitate materials widely used in home decoration such as granite and chrome faucets. Another point that differentiates this great variety of faucets falls to its functions where they distinguish the faucets which have two keys that work independently and provide cold and hot water.

These have a rotating system that opens and closes the flow. This model of a faucet is able to adapt perfectly to any kitchen regardless of its dimensions. In the same way, it is possible to emphasize the models of monkey controls taps, which are good economic and grant an ample comfort.

With these, the temperature and the flow are adjusted with a simple control movement. This is very easy to install, the only thing is that it requires a top entry hole, a hole that is not usually used when installing a traditional faucet model. Another model is the mono controls with removable faucet, where you can remove or remove the pipe that carries the water from the faucet body.

These taps extend the comfort of people since they do not have to go to an exact area when they need water, as they simply have to remove the pipe from the body and move it according to their tastes at a distance of no more than 1.50 meters.

Finally, it is worth noting the folding or osmosis faucets, the first has a supply mechanism, which is highly recommended when the sink is in front of a window, where the installation of the faucet is very complicated. The second model has two different ducts with specific functions, one is directed to the sink and to the washing of the food, that uses running water;

And the other conduit uses a filtration system to obtain tap water. When buying a faucet you should take into account its size, the size of the sink, and must take into account the height of the waterfall.

Article contributed by this site about kitchen faucets.

What do you do when the sink clogs?

Kitchen sinks are the kitchen’s battle-horses. They help clean dirty dishes, act as baby bathtubs and clothes are miniature washers. Those who have waste shredders are the portals to spray leftovers of food and keep the trash from overloading with old food that’s been sitting for a week.

Keeping the garbage disposal and drain clean and in good working order is necessary so that they do not collect pieces of food over time, which could lead to unpleasant hooves or odors emanating from one or the other.

According to credible sources, if a drain connected to a waste disposal is clogged, several steps can be taken to get the water flowing again. Start with the simplest method; If it does not remove the clog, try the next step.


Fill the sink with several inches of water to ensure a seal with a piston. Hold a damp cloth over the opening of the drain in a double sink, plunge the opening of the garbage disposal with vigor; If the clog does not disappear after a few minutes, go to the next step.

Remove all water from the basin. Place a bucket under the drain to collect dirty water. Use a sliding joint clamp to loosen the slide nut between the bolt and the trap arm, then the nut at the bottom of the waste tee.

Clean and reinstall the trap. Hot water Flush to completely erase the drain. If the shoe remains, proceed to the next step.

Remove and clean the trap arm. Use a screwdriver to dislodge any remaining debris inside the pipe. If there is no obstruction in the trap arm, proceed to the next step.

Use a plumber’s snake in the pipe, feeding a few inches down at a time. Once you feel the tip of the snake hitting an obstacle, crank it through it until the cable tension drops. Reverse start and clean the cable as it returns. Repeat the winding process until no more clogged material appears. Reinstall the trap arm and flush at least one gallon of hot water into the drain.

Pour 1/2 cup each of baking soda and white vinegar onto the drain and cover both drain openings with a fine clean and deodorize the drain processor and food.

Flush at least one gallon of hot water into the drain after several minutes to clear the drain of the mixture.

Extra Tips

If you have a dishwasher, tighten the drain hose before you begin troubleshooting your waste disposal, to prevent dirty water from entering the dishwasher.

Never use commercial drains cleaners immediately before dipping or winding a drain, and wear and eye protection when dismantling a drain to protect against contamination of cleaning agent.

Always make sure that you read garbage disposal reviews before buying so that you are less likely to have any problems with them.

Facebook Changes

Facebook is making huge steps in the future of augmented reality. They have some new news for us that will change the future of mankind forever.

The question is will this be a good thing or bad?

We don’t know that is the problem. We personally feel that it will be good, but we just have to wait and see.

What You Need to Know When Traveling to Vietnam

Like Thailand and other countries in South East Asia, Vietnam is a country where the cost of living is very cheap. Yet, even if the country remains less developed than Thailand, prices are not lower. The most expensive is Saigon where the night will be among the most expensive of all the country. Count 20 USD for a classic hotel instead of the 15 USD charged in Hanoi for example.

It will also be very easy to find dormitories for less than 5 euros. And then, looking good, especially in the adjacent streets, you can very clearly drop the prices.
For my part, I recommend going for a tour at Koto Hotel on Hanoi and Anh Duy Hotel on Saigon.


It becomes very difficult to find good, authentic and inexpensive food in tourist areas. To find small local restaurants, go to more local areas. No need to go far, sometimes you just have to cross the street.
Count about 2 euros maximum (60 000 VND) for a dish. For small appetites, I recommend the famous Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) for less than 0.50 cts (15000 VND).

If you decide to eat in a classic restaurant, you will need more than 100,000 VND or 3 to 5 euros. Similarly to have a drink and share a good beer, nothing better than to sit in the “bars” on the street. Recognizable to their red and blue plastic stools. Take a ride in the evening on Bui Vien street in Saigon to see for yourself.


Transportation to move around the country is also very cheap, you can choose between bus and train. Be careful though the long trips in “Sleeping Bus” that will certainly be right for you. Berths too small (if you are over 1m80), roads not always in good condition, and sometimes a driver as nice as Tati Danielle.
For a Hanoi-Saigon trip, count at least 45 euros (1,200,000 VND) by train and just as much by bus. To know that you do not have to do everything in one go. Possibility to stop at each city to visit with “Open” tickets


You will have at all prices. For example, a 2-day weekend and a night on Halong Bay will cost you $ 100 for 2 people. You can also do a day trip on the Mekong Delta for about 15 euros.
For information on prices, you can do it very easily at the reception of your hotel or go through this agency that I recommend. You can also meet some girls to have some fun. Go to this site to meet some.

How To: Stop using Facebook, but keep your friends

You want to never have to use Facebook again, but you don’t want to lose out on your social life. You don’t want to miss out on all of the private messages, photos, and event invitations. Here’s how you go about the process:

1. Change the notification settings in your Facebook account to email you whenever a message is sent to you, a birthday is coming up, someone sends you an event invitation, etc.

2. Download all of your photos from Facebook using Move Your Photos in Chrome. This puts all of your photos into Picasa. You can then set it up to get an email notification when someone tags you in a photo.

3. In your email, create a folder for Facebook notifications and set up a filter so that all notifications are automatically filed into that folder.

4. Facebook has an option that allows you to add your events into a real calendar, so that way you don’t need to log into Facebook to keep track of all of your events. Create your own invitations using eVite.

5. Let all of your ‘friends’ know that you will not be using Facebook any more, and that the best way to reach you is by email, text, or phone.